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Weekly Bulletin


 Week of April 9, 2017

Be sure to invite folks to our Easter weekend celebrations. Folks have an internal need for the Lord, both to know Him and to worship Him. Here’s our  schedule:

Good Friday Service    1:00PM,  Here at VCC

Sunrise Service    6:00 AM

Breakfast    6:45 AM

Worship  10:15 AM

Our Wednesday evening Bible Study has returned from the winter break. Come join us as we spend time in prayer, and dive into the Word. We’re studying the life & ministry of Jesus.  6:30 Wednesdays

.Good passages to read this season:

        Matthew 26:47-28:15          Mark 14:43-16:8

Luke 22:47-24:49           John 18:1-20:29

The Box Tops for Education program will end by mid June. We will be sending our final contribution to Grundy Mountain Mission School in early May. Please bring your labels in by then… thanks.

.The Young at Hearts will meet this Tuesday at 10:00 AM

We’re planning two or three motorcycle trips this upcoming riding season. At this point other churches are joining us. Please see Barry Bryner if you’re interested

.The communion preparation list has some open months!

]VCC is developing a Facebook page, and upgrading the website (, and we thank Teresa Gallagher and Lynn for helping in these projects.

Our thanks goes to numerous folks who have been helping with a handful of building upgrades. Things are looking great… and more improvements are in the works. If you’d like to help please see Joe, Bill G., or Mike G. THANKS!

We have an Easter season program of 30 Pieces Of Silver. The goal is folks saving back coins worth $300.00, receiving that offering on Resurrection Sunday, and the collected funds helping 1 specific person/family. Please be in prayer for this special effort

.The Easter Special Offering letter is available at our main entrance. The offering will be received next Sunday.

.The WCS Rummage Sale will be held on Sat., June 10

Camp Christian:

The VISION 2020 Project – The Camp is working to eliminate the debt on the Millhouse, and the new bridge, by the year 2020.

Prayer Concerns:

*  Cancer:  Kevin Fuson/Kay G’s cousin;  Charolet  Fuson/July surgery; Bill LittleLisa Timms; Cindy  McClauglinLarry HodgeLou MooreTanya  GrayTracy GrayTammy Garlick; PeteEllen  BrownJim huey;  Kim HarkinsAmy Kremposky;   Merna Ulbach/set-backs;  Tom JawoskiGabriel  Nicklow

*   Various Concerns  Jake & Joann Secrest; Tom LonceDarrel Thompson; Dorothy Lonce; Terri WinterhalterOur Youth Groups & Leaders; Jessica Everly/Various issues;  Dale SepkovicEd Titterington/Stroke;    Morgan Yoney;  Harold Worthhimer;  Laurel  SpringerAaron YoderKatie Pitts/For mental  wellness;  Allan & Ruth MillerSilent & unspoken  needs, folks with legal problems, & the lostOur  military & familiesThe Black family/Accident;   Ashley Azzardi/Many issues this past week;  “Ron”;  Randy/Liver issue;  Irma/strength & wellness;  Etta  SechristKatie Guynn;  Dave Anderson (Stacey  Kish’s father)/Now at rehab in Monroeville;   Joanne Bryner/now at rehab in Uniontown;  Charles  & Beverly Garlick;  Appreciation for folks helping in  our building; And for more to join the efforts!;  Les & Sandy LintKathy Lint;  Adam Morgan/42yr.  old, Guillain-Barre Syndrome;  Dawn ShahanPete  Gray/foot surgery this past week;  Others with procedures this past week;  Kay BrowerMarcus Santana/Car accident in Texas;  Daughter of Ken  Collier/Recent heart transplant


Those wandering from the narrow way

Our Veterans, and current Service members

 Those suffering for standing for Jesus

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