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Weekly Bulletin


 Week of May 7, 2017

We welcome Carl & Shirley Reynolds to our congregation. Last Sunday they came forward to place their membership with us here at VCC!

P.A.P.s Pool At Pelc’s will meet this Tuesday at Greg’s from 6:30-8:30. Come on over and enjoy some good snacks, times, tunes & some fair billiards. We end the evening with a devotion. 399 Catalina Farm Road, Scottdale.

RADA cutlery is still available. Marie has a catalog to check out what is available, plus the WCS will be selling it at their Rummage Sale on June 10.

. At our Wednesday evening Bible Study we spend time in prayer, and dive into the Word. We’re studying the life & ministry of Jesus. 6:30 Wednesdays.

. Our first motorcycle trip will be on Saturday, June 24. There will be a cookout associated with this one, and other churches are joining us. Please see Barry Bryner if you’re interested.

Our efforts for this summer’s Vacation Bible School will feature a new approach. The program will be held on Wednesday evenings for 4 consecutive weeks, and the grand closing program on Sunday.

Dates are:  Wed. July 12, 19, 26 & Aug 2. With the  closing on Sunday the 6th.

Times are:  7:00 – 8:30 pm

Theme is:    Finding Glory

  The Box Tops for Education program will end by mid June. We will be sending our final contribution to Grundy Mountain Mission School in early May. Please bring your labels in by then… thanks.

The WCS Rummage Sale will be held on , June 10. As you bring donations into the church please take them downstairs to the room under the steps, there are shelves for most items. Thanks.


   *  I Peter 1:3-9

*  A Living Hope  (via the resurrection!!)

A Lasting Inheritance:

– Never Dies  – Never Spoils  – Never Fades

*  On our way to __HEAVEN__ we will encounter numerous __TRIALS__. These are:

  1. __EXPECTED____ I Peter _______
  2. __VARIED____: “___TEMPTED”  (Satan)

“___TESTED”__ (God)

  1. __HARD_: = “Grief” (Garden/mourning)
  2. __LIMITED__

HOW do we face trials?








+++ The blessings of this ‘hope’??

1 –  Growth

2 –  Joy



*  We are ‘Called Out’, ‘Chosen’.  It’s always fun to be chosen for good things. Our inner child celebrates when our name is called out by the Hostess at a favorite restaurant.


*  I Peter 1:1-5

*  Deuteronomy 30:11-17


  1. Love the Lord 2. Walk in His ways   3. Keep His


* YOUR  ‘HEART’  IS  KEY   “Be transformed by the

.The communion preparation list has some open months!

VCC is developing a Facebook page, and upgrading the website (, and we thank Teresa Gallagher and Lynn for helping in these projects.

Our thanks goes to numerous folks who have been helping with a handful of building upgrades. Things are looking great… and more improvements are in the works. If you’d like to help please see Joe, Bill G., or Mike G. THANKS!

Camp Christian:

The VISION 2020 Project – The Camp is working to eliminate the debt on the Millhouse, and the new bridge, by the year 2020.

Prayer Concerns:

  *  Our Sympathy Goes To:

  – Bill & Lisa Shreve and their extended family  on the sudden passing of their son Ethan.

  – Jacky Bryner on the passing of brother-in-  law Nick Wallace.

*  Cancer:  Kevin Fuson/Kay G’s cousin; Bill LittleLisa Timms; Cindy McClauglinLarry HodgeLou  MooreTanya GrayTracy GrayTammy GarlickPeteEllen BrownJim huey;  Kim HarkinsAmy  KremposkyMerna Ulbach/set-backs;  Tom  JawoskiRoy StarrJamilynn Broadwater/15yr old  relative of Marilyn Banko;  Doug WardFrankie  Jones

*   Various Concerns  Jake Secrest/Heart scare, home; JoannSecrest/  Heart concerns as well; Tom LonceDarrel  Thompson; Dorothy Lonce; Terri Winterhalter;   Jessica Everly/Various issues;  Dale SepkovicEd  Titterington/Stroke;  Morgan Yoney;  Harold  Worthhimer;  Laurel SpringerAaron YoderKatie  Pitts/For mental wellness;  Silent/unspoken needsfolks with legal problems, & the lostOur military & familiesAshley AzzardiKatie Guynn;  Dave  Anderson (Stacey Kish’s father);  Joanne Bryner/ Collar is OFF, and she’s back at home!;  Adam  Morgan/42yr. old, Guillain-Barre Syndrome;  Dawn  ShahanTammy Haye/Recent stroke, in rehab;   Marcus Santana/memory issues after auto  accident;  Charles Winkler (Uncle of Donna Bryner),  Mini-stroke;  Tiffany Adobato/Light stroke;  Janet  Frick;  Scott Haye/recent hospitalization;  Larry  VilkIrma O’Neal/medical concerns;  Martray  family/auto accident;  Caroline Munize/Melvin’s  aunt, still in the hospital;  Families & loved ones;  Emily McBeth/Upcoming biopsy; Ron & Faye/For  Health, strength, and guidance;  Emily Mc Beth/  Upcoming biopsy; Beverly & Charles Garlick/Not  well.


. Our efforts for Vacation Bible School this summer will feature a new approach. The program will be  held on Wednesday evenings for 4 consecutive  weeks, and the grand closing program on Sunday.   *  Dates are: Wednesday, July 12, 19, 26 & Aug. 2   With the closing on Sunday, the 6th.   *  Times are: 6:00 – 8:30 PM   *  Theme is:  “ FINDING  GLORY ”



Those wandering from the narrow way

Our Veterans, and current Service members

 Those suffering for standing for Jesus

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