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Weekly Bulletin


 Week of June 4, 2017

The Young Hearts will meet this Tuesday at 10:00. Teresa Gallagher now qualifies for this 50 plus

The WCS Rummage Sale:


– Folks bringing items to donate are asked to take   them down to the storage room under the stairs.

– Please, no TVs or computers screens.

– The Fellowship Hall will be set up for the sale the entire week prior to the 10th.

RADA Cutlery can be ordered during the sale.

– There will also be baked goods available during thesale.  IF YOU’D LIKE TO PREPARE SOME BAKED  GOODS SHIRLEY, JUDY, AND PHYLLIS THANK YOU      AHEAD OF TIME!!

Next Sunday we’ll receive a Love Offering for Camp Christian’s Project 20/20. This campaign has the goal of eliminating the loan for the new Millhouse, and the new bridge by the year 2020. Thanks for giving.

.Our first motorcycle trip is just 3weeks away. Also, this event is more than just a ride. For folks who won’t be riding we’ll be hosting a tailgate style cookout in our lot. The ride will conclude at the tailgate. Plan on riding or attending, plan your menu, invite others. Barry is our organizer. Saturday, June 24.

Our efforts for this summer’s Vacation Bible School will feature a new approach. The program will be held on Wednesday evenings for 4 consecutive weeks, and the grand closing program on Sunday.

Dates are:  Wed. July 12, 19, 26 & Aug 2. With the  closing on Sunday the 6th.

Times are:  7:00 – 8:30 pm

Theme is:    Finding Glory


T H E     M E A S U R I N G     C U P

 *  Review of May 7        I Peter 1: 3-9

May 14 Mother’s Day

May 21 Camp Day

May28 Memorial Day


*  I Peter 1:13-16

*  “Conform” =…. Buzzy’s book-ends

*  “Be holy as He is holy”

*  Possible areas of un-holiness

BEHAVIOR   (- alcohol/drugs/porn/media

– Ro. 6:11-13

– Ps. 19:7-13)

THOUGHTS                    (- opposites of Ph. 4:8

-Ps. 19:14)

ATTITUDES  (- immoral/against God/’self’

– Ph. 2:5

* The importance the  VESSEL  PRINCIPLE:

…. the measuring cup!

– II Tim. 2:19b-3:5

– 290 (4)



    *  Memory & memories… truly a gift from God.  A gift

/ /7 /////////    of pleasure, and practicality.

*  Memorial Day.  A special day to honor and remember.

*  Some of God’s favorite days:

1.The rainbow.  Genesis 8:15-9:17

2.‘The Monument’. Joshua 3:1-4:9

3.The day of worship. Mark. 2:27 Gen. 2:3 Ex. 20:8-11

4.The day of Passover. Exodus 12:1-30

5.The Lord’s Supper. I Cor. 11:17-34   Matt. 26:17-30


.The communion preparation list has some open months!

VCC is developing a Facebook page, and upgrading the website (, and we thank Teresa Gallagher and Lynn for helping in these projects.

Our thanks goes to numerous folks who have been helping with a handful of building upgrades. Things are looking great… and more improvements are in the works. If you’d like to help please see Joe, Bill G., or Mike G. THANKS!

Camp Christian:

The VISION 2020 Project – The Camp is working to eliminate the debt on the Millhouse, and the new bridge, by the year 2020.

Prayer Concerns:

  *  Our Sympathy Goes To: Vaughn family, and others who have lost loved ones.

  *  Cancer:  Kevin Fuson/Kay G’s cousin; Bill Little;   Lisa Timms; Cindy McLaughlin/current testing  concerns;  Larry HodgeLou MooreTanya Gray;   Tracy GrayTammy Garlick; PeteEllen Brown;   Jim huey;  Kim HarkinsAmy KremposkyMerna  Ulbach/set-backs;  Roy StarrTom JawoskiDoug  WardJamilynn Broadwater/15yr old relative of  Marilyn Banko;  Doug WardFrankie JonesWila  Mogillie

*   Various Concerns   Jake & Joann Secrest; Tom LonceDarrel Thompson; Dorothy Lonce; Terri WinterhalterJessica Everly/Various issues;  Ed Titterington/ Stroke;  Aaron YoderKatie Pitts/For mental wellness;  Silent/unspoken needs, folks with legal problems, & the lostOur military & families; Ashley AzzardiKatie Guynn;  Dave Anderson  (Stacey Kish’s father);  Joanne Bryner;  Adam  Morgan/42yr. old, Guillain-Barre Syndrome/now in  Chicago;  Dawn ShahanTammy Haye/Recent stroke, in rehab;  Marie Scarlett/Memorial service  tomorrow for Glen;  Charles Winkler (Uncle of  Donna Bryner), Mini-stroke;  Tiffany Adobato/Light  stroke;  Janet Frick;  Scott Haye/;  Larry VilkIrma  O’Neal/recent surgery;  Families & loved ones;   Bonnie Blackburn/Thyroid surgery this past Thurs.;    Ellen Roadman/Doing well;  Emily McBeth/ Biopsy  this past week;              Ron & Faye/For health, strength,  and guidance;  Kathy Lint/Health & well being;   Beverly & Charles Garlick/Not well;  Ron Hodge;  Flo  Tartal/Pneumonia;  Bobby Show/Post surgery  issues;  Marybeth Rutter/Post surgery issues;  Folks making decisions, and those who need to  make decsions;  Sarah Pelc/Greg’s mom;  Jennifer  Emmerick/Mass/Tests;  Red Bryner/Tests.


. Our efforts for Vacation Bible School this summer will feature a new approach. The program will be  held on Wednesday evenings for 4 consecutive  weeks, and the grand closing program on Sunday.   *  Dates are: Wednesday, July 12, 19, 26 & Aug. 2   With the closing on Sunday, the 6th.   *  Times are: 6:00 – 8:30 PM   *  Theme is:  “ FINDING  GLORY ”



Those wandering from the narrow way

Our Veterans, and current Service members

 Those suffering for standing for Jesus

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