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Weekly Bulletin


 Week of July 23, 2017

The directory is ready to access online. To set up your account for the please send your email address to Thanks go to Teresa Gallagher & Donna Bryner.

Vacation Bible School continues this Wednesday at 6:00pm with our new format. The grand closing program is Sunday morning, the 6th of August.

Dates :  Wed. July  26 & Aug 2. With the  closing on Sunday the 6th.

Times :  6:00 – 8:30 pm  Theme :    Finding Glory

“SENIOR DAY” at Camp Christian is Friday, Aug. 11.

*  8:30 Coffee & Sweet rolls

*  9:30 Program begins, ending around 4:00.

*  $20.00 Program cost, including Lunch.

*  Gary Pelc, (Greg’s brother), will bring the devotion.

Again we give our thanks to folks upgrading our property. Recently the Jr. Youth Group addressed our various flower beds, and spread mulch. The Lobby project is just about complete and Mike Gualtieri (& helpers) get a big thumbs-up. Also, the carpet for the nursery was installed this past week.

Our annual picnic at Camp Christian is just 5 weeks away (Aug. 13); And the annual Tailgate Party will be on Sunday, September 10.

 L O O K I N G     A H E A D

Camp Quarterly Meeting:  July 22

Senior Day at Camp Christian: Fri., Aug. 11

*  Our Church Picnic:  Sun., Aug. 13 @ Camp

*  Annual Tailgate Party   Sunday, Sept 10




We hold the Bible to be God’s written Word.  We believe

it to be infallible… His Word without error.

We understand from the New Testament that accepting

Christ as one’s Savior and Lord involves:

1) Believing  that Jesus is the risen Christ

2) Repenting  or turning from one’s sins

3) Confessing  one’s faith in Christ

4) Being buried  like Christ in baptism

5) Living  a faithful life

.The communion preparation list has some open months!

VCC is developing a Facebook page, and upgrading the website (, and we thank Teresa Gallagher and Lynn for helping in these projects.

Our thanks goes to numerous folks who have been helping with a handful of building upgrades. Things are looking great… and more improvements are in the works. If you’d like to help please see Joe, Bill G., or Mike G. THANKS!

Camp Christian:

The VISION 2020 Project – The Camp is working to eliminate the debt on the Millhouse, and the new bridge, by the year 2020.

Prayer Concerns:

  • Our annual picnic at Camp Christian is just 3 weeks away (Aug. 13); And the annual Tailgate Party will be on Sunday, September 10.
  • Our annual picnic at Camp Christian is just 3 weeks away (Aug. 13); And the annual Tailgate Party will be on Sunday, September 10.

*  Our sympathy goes to the family of Gerald  Younkin

  Cancer:  Kevin Fuson/Kay G’s cousin; Bill Little;   Lisa Timms; Cindy McLaughlinLou MooreTanya GrayTracy GrayTammy GarlickEllen Brown;   Kim Harkins;  Amy KremposkyRoy StarrMerna  UlbachTom Jawoski; Doug WardJamilyn Broad-  water/procedures this past week; Arlene ThompsonChuck Ansell;  Kathy/Friend of Faith;  Carolyn MeansJack Heisterman/Melanoma;  Donnie Coleman/  Vietnam Vet.;  Charles Kubasky/Stage 4;  Jeff Christ–  nerHelen Johson

*  Various Concerns:    Jake & Joann Secrest; Tom LonceDorothy Lonce;  Darrell ThompsonTerri WinterhalterSilentunspoken needs, folks with legal problems, & the  lostOur military & familiesCharolet Fuson/  Alzheimers;  Adam Morgan;  Tammy Haye/Stroke;  Dawn ShahanTiffany AdobatoJanet Frick;    Matthew Huff/18 yr old waiting for heart transplant/  relative of the Shreve’s;  Families & loved ones;   Ron  & Faye/For health, strength, & guidance; BeverlyCharles GarlickFolks making decisions, and those  who need to make decisions;  Sarah Pelc/Greg’s  mom/tough week;  Jennifer Emmerick/Tests;   Genifer Grimplin; Our Veterans & their care;  Amy  Christner;  Bill & Sandy GallagherJay Gallagher;   Tom Burgess/Heart attack;  Emily McBethClem  SiawantakBrenda Snyder/Health & life issues,  Melody Bryner’s mom;  Jackie Lee/On life support after car accident/Relative of Rhonda Phillips;  Joanne Bryner/Shingles;  Kay Gualtieri/Upcoming  hand surgery;  VBS program;  Don FerrettiNash  Millward/1 yr.old, seizures;  Bobby Savage/Car  accident;  George Kosisko/Tests;  Nick Bell/Stroke/  only in his 40’s.**  Jessica Everly is scheduled for her kidney  transplant on Friday, August 4th but has had recent  issues.   If you’d like to help, go to her facebook


. Our efforts for Vacation Bible School this summer will feature a new approach. The program will be  held on Wednesday evenings for 4 consecutive  weeks, and the grand closing program on Sunday.   *  Dates are: Wednesday, July 12, 19, 26 & Aug. 2   With the closing on Sunday, the 6th.   *  Times are: 6:00 – 8:30 PM   *  Theme is:  “ FINDING  GLORY ”



Those wandering from the narrow way

Our Veterans, and current Service members

 Those suffering for standing for Jesus

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